Picture of Chinese boy trying to catch a plane in Tiananmen Square.

Collection of Pics of People In China. Zhang at Grand View Gardens.

Picture of Chinese boy in Chinatown of Tongmu looking through bead curtains.
Pictures of people series from metcn8.com. Chinese young man in pictures of people in Beijing. Pictures of Chinese young man near the Grand View Gardens, Beijing. Chinese young man relaxes in lobby of the Grand View Gardens Hotel, Beijing, and reads a magazine.
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Updated 6th April, 2010

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Pictures Of China

Grand Master Su Xi.

Pics People in China.

From Visit June 2004.

Pagoda Forest Shaolin.

Building at Shaolin.

Pictures of Hands.

Road To Shaolin.

Vietnamese Wedding.

Chinese Families.

Minorities Park.

Vegetarian Food.

Embroidery of Suzhou.


Kungfu Mix Photos.

For friends in China.

For friends in Vietnam.

Vietnam Pics of..


Halong Bay.





Pics of People at the Grand View Gardens.

Zhang in pics of people at the Grand View Gardens, where scenes from the Chinese classic, "Dream of Red Mansions", are shot for a TV Series. In these pics of people, Zhang is not acting but he does act in films and has taken part in the direction of films, in different parts of China. Included in the pics of people is one where Zhang stands in the forecourt of the Grand View Gardens, the layout of which has been based on the Chinese classic, "Dream of Red Mansions".

Picture of two eyes with message 'see what ! see' but in single letters.
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Another of the pics of people shows Zhang in the lobby of the Grand View Gardens Hotel; a modern hotel but with a front facade of Chinese style in keeping with its association with the "Dream Of Red Mansions". The Hotel is only a few minutes walk from the actual gardens, always worth a visit, at any time of the year. The scenery, goldfish ponds, pavilions, rock gardens and covered walks in the Grand View Gardens lend themselves admirably to the taking of pics of people. Do not forget to take your camera!

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Pics of people series: Zhang at the Grand View Gardens, Beijing. Pics of people includes Chinese young man standing in the forecourt of the Grand View Gardens. Chinese young man in pics of people: Zhang sits in lobby of Grand View Gardens Hotel. Zhang in pics of people: Zhang near the entrance to the Grand View Gardens in Beijing.

Robert's Wild Cards

A Vietnamese Wedding with ancient customs western style. Ceremonies at the home of the bride followed by registration of the marriage at "la mairie de Creney-pres-Troyes" then a service at the catholic church, "Pont Sainte Marie". In the evening a party was held at the Community Hall to celebrate the happy event. Picture of Vietnamese couple at their Wedding Banquet in France.
China Pictures from the Shaolin Temple show building construction work for a World Heritage Listing, working in shifts over 24 hours to complete the Shaolin Temple Buildings. Where the workers had come from is unknown but from observation, they were very experienced in the skilled work they were doing. Picture of building work at the Shaolin Temple.

Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010

Pictures For China


Ping Xiang.


Huang Jinao.





Qian Chen.

Xui Kou.


Great Wall.



Shaolin Temple.

Kai Feng.


Yangtze River.






Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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