Cityscape Views Of Huaihua City From Hotel In New Development Area.

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Photo shows Bixi, a son of the Chinese Dragon, with a large upright stone slab on his back, inscribed with Chinese characters, positioned near the bridge over the Yellow River in Lanzhou. There was only a brief visit to Lanzhou where we were to catch a train to Huaihua, but there was time to visit the bridge over the Yellow River flowing through Lanzhou. Near the bridge there was a model of Bixi, one of the nine sons of the Chinese Dragon, with an upright stone slab on his back. This is how Bixi the Dragon's son is often seen, because he is said to be a good load carrier. Standing on the bridge, we had a good view of the Yellow River with its silt laden waters, and on which some motorboats were carrying tourists at speed, for views of Lanzhou not possible to see from the bridge.

Huaihua  Photo: A view from the top of a hotel in the new development area of Huaihua, shows an island with a swimming pool, in the center of the Yuan River The Cityscape photos of Huaihua were all taken from the top of a hotel in the new development area of Huaihua, and near the River Yuan. Near a new bridge over the River Yuan, linking the new development area with the older city, could be seen a river island, and from what we could see from our vantage point, it could well have been a ''holiday Island'', complete with hotel, pagoda, and an open air swimming pool. The form that the river island presented was very similar to a small boat that was passing by at the time the photo was taken.

An island or isle is any piece of land that is surrounded by water. Very small islands such as emergent land features on atolls are called islets. A key or cay is another name for a small island or islet. An island in a river or lake may be called an eyot. There are two main types of islands: continental islands and oceanic islands. There are also artificial islands. A grouping of geographically and/or geologically related islands is called an archipelago.
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Picture of young Chinese boy trying to catch plane in Tiananmen Square.
5th March, 2009

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