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Outdoor Performance Of Kung Fu Presented Near The Shaolin Temple.

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Photo shows group from the Shaolin Temple giving Kung Fu performance. Kung Fu is very much one of the important activities at the Shaolin Temple. Many of the participants met during previous visits, were away in other countries, giving demonstrations of their skills to large audiences, in many different cities. We did however have the opportunity of watching another group going through their routines, in preparation for a visit to America. Having seen many of these performances in films, some of the actions or stances seemed almost unreal. The way that the Kung Fu we watched being performed was almost unbelievable. The speed of action and the acrobatics almost impossible, yet the participants were certainly capable, a skill acquired though many hours of rehersal.

Photo shows Kung Fu group from Shaolin Temple, supporting colleague on top of spears. The Kung Fu photos shown on this page were taken by Zhong Guang, at an outdoor performace given near the Shaolin Temple. How it is possible for the person to be balanced on top of spear heads held by others, is beyond comprehension. It is evident from the openness of the performance, that there is no trickery involved, but like many such feats it is a case where the mind control is stronger than the body.

Young Performer Of Kung Fu Demonstrates His Skills At The Shaolin Temple.

Picture of young Kung Fu performer standing on left leg whilst right ankle locked behind neck.

The photos of the young man positioning one of his legs behind his head illustrates a feat that surely is capable of being performed only by those who learn the art when they are very young and their bodies are very supple. One of the older performers we had watched in rehearsal, had locked both his feet behind his head, and then balanced himself on his hands. It is a posiition that this young boy also demonstrated.

Photo of Kung Fu position with performer standing on left leg whilst holding right ankle above his head.

The particular stance shown in the photo on the right was the same one the boy demonstrated four years earlier in the Library of the Shaolin Temple, where much of my time was spent during previous visits.

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3rd February, 2009



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