Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square,Beijing

China Photos Taken With The Help Of Many Chinese Friends.

Picture of a young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square, Beijing.
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These websites mainly deal with visits to China and Vietnam and there is a wide range of China pictures and Vietnam pictures
presented on their webpages. The subjects covered include China pictures of China bridges, Pictures of happy people,
Chinese food, China landscape, and Chinese children. These webpages cover a period from 1987 to 2009,
so visitors will see many changes, particularly in the Chinese pictures. Whatever your interests are,
from growing vegetables in raised beds to China buildings, China bridges, or Chinese food, they should be here!

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Picture of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi which can be seen from the Vietnam War Memorial
Ho Chi Minh
Memorial Hanoi
Picture of children gathered by street house door in Saigon during return visit of one of the Boat People.
Children by door
in Saigon
Picture from boat shows view of Halong Bay, Vietnam, approaching a number of Karst Mountains towering above sea level.
Halong Bay View
From Cruise Boat
Picture of boat being repaired at Haiphong, from where many of the Boat People left Vietnam to sail to Hong Kong.
Boat Repair Haiphong
Picture shows Vietnamese woman cooking food on an open woodfire on the floor of her home..
Cooking Over
wood, Langson
Picture shows a group of school kids wanting to have their photo taken outside their school gates.
Nasam School
Kids want photo !

THIS KEY OPENS THE DOOR TO METCN8 CHINA PHOTOS FOR YOU. TAKE YOUR PICK! The photos below are links to pages dealing with visits to China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Nanning, Guangzhou, and Shaolin Temple. Photo list is updated on the 8th day of the month. Click photos to open the list, close all new windows to return to this page.  
Picture shows Chinese people doing Tai Chi exercises in Beijing housing estate. Photos Beijing Photo shows view of Shanghai from top of Oriental Pearl Tower, Pudong. Shanghai Pics Picture of very happy young Chinese boy in Nanning market, holding a puppy dog. Nanning Fotos Picture of boat on the Pearl River in Guangzhou, collecting debris floating on water. Guangzhou Pic Picture of Shaolin Temple group giving performance of Kung Fu positions. Photos Shaolin
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Updated 14th February, 2010

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The Ho Chi Minh Hall in Hanoi, Vietnam, which commemorates the life of a man who won the hearts of the people of Vietnam.
Indochina Odyssey Tours In Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar

Ruabon Brickworks

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Pictures of China

Growing Vegetables.

Grand Master Su Xi.

Pics People in China.

From Visit June 2004.

Pagoda Forest.

Building at Shaolin.

Pictures of Hands.

Road To Shaolin.

Vietnamese Wedding.

Chinese Families.

Minorities Park.

Vegetarian Food.

Silk Embroidery.


Kungfu Mix Photos.

For Pals in China.

For Pals in Vietnam.

Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

China Pictures And Pictures Of Vietnam

Most Recent Additions To China And Vietnam Pages

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Home Cooking of Chinese Food.
Chinese family cook Chinese food at home on eve of their daughter's Chinese Wedding. Home cooked Chinese food including roast belly pork with crispy skin and Chinese Spring Rolls. Home cooked meal of Chinese dishes for dinner guests of Chinese family
Dinner table laid with dishes of Chinese Food home cooked by Chinese family.
Picture of vegetables growing on banks of Yong Jiang river, Nanning. Growing Vegetables in China.
Pictures of growing vegetables in raised beds on banks of rivers and in desert conditions. Chinese farmers growing vegetables by use of well water in Gansu Province. Small Chinese community in Longzhou growing vegetables including lettuce and root vegetables.

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Chinese School in Huaihua.
Pictures of Chinese school children in No 4 Middle School, Huaihua. Chinese school children in classroom and gardens of Chinese school in Huaihua. English lessons provided for Chinese children in China school during the summer holidays. Chinese pupils and teachers in Chinese school.
Chinese school children in No 4 Middle School, Huaihua.
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Picture of Chinese man and woman with baby in arms standing outside their yellow earth cave home in the Loess Plateau
Beifan Website
Picture shows pupils in a school classroom in Huai Hua with raised up hands, greeting a western visitor
Metcn8 Website
Picture of very large water lily leaves floating on surface of pool in Botanical Gardens, Xishuangbana.
Chinadan Website.
Picture shows two young Vietnamese schoolboys walking on road in front of the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi, Vietnam.
Beifanchina Website.
Picture of young boys of a Chinese Minority Group, showing signs of malnutrition, gathered on a road layby, near their home.
Chinavisit Website..
Picture of Vietnamese bride and groom at evening wedding banquet. Vietnamese Wedding In Troyes, France.
Pictures of Vietnamese wedding following ancient customs western style. Ceremonies at bride's home followed by registration of marriage at la mairie, then Marriage Service in French and Vietnamese at Catholic Church. The long day ends with a Wedding Banquet at the Town Hall in Troyes.
Minorities Park Beijing.
China pictures from the Minorities Park, Beijing, showing boats and houses. The China pictures include Wind and Rain Bridge, Dong Nationality; Yunan Yuanmo Earth Forest, Yi nationality; Stone Board Building, Buyi Nationality; Watch Tower, Miao Nationality. Awaiting completion of text.
China pictures taken at the Minorities Park in Beijing.
China picture shows entrance to the Shaolin Temple Scenic Park Journey to Shaolin Temple from Dengfeng City.
Pictures of China taken during journey from Dengfeng City to Shaolin Temple entrance gate. Leaving Dengfeng city passing landmark near Kung Fu Schools; arriving at Shaolin Temple Scenic Park entrance; entrance gate to Shaolin Temple then view of Drum Tower and Bell Tower through leafless gingko trees.
China Pictures of Building Construction work.
China Pictures from the Shaolin Temple show building construction work for a World Heritage Listing, working in shifts over 24 hours to complete the Shaolin Temple Buildings. Where the workers had come from is unknown but from observation, they were very experienced in the skilled work they were doing.
China pictures show building construction work at the Shaolin Temple
Picture of Kungfu student at Shaolin Temple in kungfu position on poles. Kung Fu Poles Used By Students At Shaolin Temple.
Pictures of Kung fu students demonstrating their skills on poles at a Shaolin Temple training ground. Exercises on kung fu poles require agility and good sense of balance. These China pictures show the kung fu poles bound with rope, helping the students' foothold when stretching between two poles.

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There are pictures of vegetables in Jinghong, China, and in Hanoi, Vietnam, and pictures of vegetables from other markets in China. Vegetables sold in both these countries always appeared fresh, and the customers picked and and chose the ones they wanted. Picture of Chinese woman of ethnic group buying fruit in market in Jinghong.
There are pictures of vegetarian food from a restaurant attached to the Buddhist Abbey in Guilin and from a Chinese restaurant near the International Hotel in Beijing. With some careful thought, becoming vegetarian means that meals can still be as attractive and as tasty as any other meals, with which you are accustomed. Picture of vegetarian food served at restaurant in Guilin.
Photo shows happy children in school, school kids on street, and groups of happy kids sharing their happiness.
Happy kids and school children photos

Photo shows collage picture of families and friends met in China, and Round Houses, Waterfalls, Malaysian Wedding, and Happy People
Friends and Family Letter 2010

Photo shows perfume, shoes and glasses, available online from China.
Treat yourself!
New shoes, perfumes, and glasses, buy online from China.
Be Happy !


Ping Xiang.


Huang Jinao.





Qian Chen.

Xui Kou.


Great Wall.



Shaolin Temple.

Kai Feng.


Yangtze River.






Picture of young Chinese boy in Tiananmen Square.

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